We believe in the value and values of mentoring.”

Legacy Giving

This information is intended to provide an overview of giving options. After reviewing this material you are encouraged to consult with your professional advisors for advise on how you can use charitable giving to achieve your goals.

There will always be a child in need of a friend.  Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kawartha Lakes – Haliburton provides those friends to local children that are in need of another positive role model.  Our community members are the ones that make this possible through their generous financial support. You can also be a part of this great local organization.

By planning now, you can bring happiness to children through the joy of friendship for many years.

Estate planning will ensure that your hard earned savings will continue to assist the children of your community, helping them to reach their full potential for many years to come.

There is nothing more rewarding then seeing a child overcome many barriers and grow into a contributing community member.  Whether it be a grocer, a doctor, a teacher, a mechanic or a self employed individual.

We will all benefit if we contribute to the great future of this community!

Please think about Big Brothers Big Sisters of Kawartha Lakes – Haliburton when you commence your estate planning.


Help us make your dream our reality.

Big Brothers Big Sisters has been helping children and families for over 80 years

Littles’ graduate from high school at a rate of 20% higher than the national average and many go on to graduate from college or university compared to others in their age group 78% of ‘Littles’ who came from a social assistance background no longer rely on this form of income.

Little Brothers and Little Sisters are 33% more likely to find other ways to resolve issues rather than use violence and are less likely to become involved with criminal activity.

Over 30,000 children are matched with adults in one-on-one programs.

Your legacy gift will help ensure a brighter future for Canadian children living in the City of Kawartha Lakes and Haliburton County

Planned Giving gives you the opportunity to help children in your community who are in need, during your lifetime and beyond. Your unrestricted gift will go to your local organization.Income from this fund will supplement our programs, and allow Big Brothers Big Sisters to continue meeting the needs of the community by offering local children and teens a brighter future.

Thoughtfully planning your charitable giving goes beyond commitment. It helps you find the best way to give while maximizing your tax benefits and making the most effective use of your resources.

Explore the possibilities and find the way of giving that is best for your needs.

Outright Gifts - Gifts of cash are the simplest and most common form of donation. A receipt is issued for the full amount, creating a tax savings in the gift year.

Gifts of Securities- Listed securities are immediate gifts and include stocks, bonds, bills, mutual funds, warrants and futures (traded on approved stock ex-changes).  There are tax advantages to gifting the securities directly as opposed to liquidating and donating the proceeds.



Charitable Bequests - A bequest is a specific dollar amount or percentage of an estate left to a charity in a donor’s will. This is the easiest and most popular form of deferred gift. There are special tax advantages to leaving a bequest, which could significantly reduce the tax payable on the final tax return.

Life Insurance - This deferred gift suits donors who are interested in offering a larger gift than circumstances would normally allow. Ways to give include: transfer ownership of a paid or existing policy, or purchase a new policy naming Big Brothers Big Sisters the owner and beneficiary. Depending on the type of policy, you could receive a donation receipt for the cash value and for each premium paid in the future.

Charitable Remainder Trust - This deferred gift provides income either for life or for a specific amount of time.  Property, cash or securities are irrevocably transferred to a trustee, and at the end of that time whatever remains in the trust becomes your gift to Big Brothers Big Sisters.  You receive an immediate donation receipt for the actuarially calculated value of the remainder interest.  Tax implications vary based on your particular circumstances.  Please consult a qualified taxation professional.